Thursday, May 8, 2008

The new way to deliver beverages

This may be the best way to deliver beverages yet! The radio-controlled cooler can take the place of a poolside cabana boy (although they might not be as hot!) and you will not even have to give it a tip (but you will miss out on the hot abs and the cute butt!). Although it is suggested that you use only sealed containers and not the fruity concoctions with umbrellas that can easily spill.

And like all products that you initially think are cool this one also has some other drawbacks. The cooler holds just six beverages and has a range of only 30 feet, according to GeekAlerts, so your guests will have to stay reasonably nearby whether you like it or not. But if you team it up with a beer-fetching Roomba for reloading, the supply is limited only by the capacity of your fridge. Personally I would choose the hot poolside cabana boy. What’s a $20 tip vis a vis leching at a hot bod by the pool!

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