Thursday, May 8, 2008

Virtual Console USB Duplicator

Making copies of your USB drive rapidly isn't too much of a headache if you own this cool Virtual Console USB Duplicator. It can accommodate up to sixty flash drives at a time. This saves times and a lot of energy. It is capable of making 60 copies of 1 GB drives in a little over a couple of minutes. To surpass the extremes, the device has a solution for you, should you find 60 to be a lesser number of devices to copy. It allows you to connect with IP Multicast that connects to other similar devices. One of the features of the device is that it copies the files rather than making binary copies of the source drive.

To avoid getting caught for transferring 'dangerous' data and also confidential data, the drive provides with a unique feature of encryption using the 128-bit AES system and it provides individual keys to each device.

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