Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sony's Sixaxis controllers turning up in MGS4 PS3 bundles

Sony is getting very creative in dumping off its doomed six axis controllers. Now that the Dual Shock 3 is finally here, you will find them in MGS4 PS3 bundles. Japanese PS3 buyers will be able to choose from three "Welcome Box" MGS4 bundles in Satin Silver, Ceramic White, and Clear Black, and in addition to Snake's latest adventure and a Dual Shock 3, they'll find a SIXAXIS inside. Its really sad to see the giant of Sony bending over the success of the Wii controllers and fro all practical reasons just tossing in the now obsolete controllers.

The bundles will cost $470, compared to $492 for the gunmetal gray bundle that doesn't include the extra controller, so basically Sony's giving Japanese buyers $20 to take a SIXAXIS home.

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