Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nike Wi-Fi sneakers – Wi-Fi detection on the go

Among the many ways to detect the strength and location of Wi-Fi hotspots around you, there are things that work off your USB port, applications, even t-shirts. But this takes the cake - Wi-Fi sneakers. They're nice looking shoes and they'll tell you if there's an available network in your current vicinity. And think how handy it is that they're a sneaker. If you discover a hotspot but the signal strength is a bit on the weak side, you can use those sneakers to run a few blocks over to see if it boosts up a bit.
It's a great little all-in-one. You'll need to ask Nike for the price & also make sure you don't talk a walk in them on a rainy day. Nobody wants to get electrocuted detecting a wifi signal when a storm is on the verge.

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