Thursday, May 8, 2008

'Sims' creator makes Spore; lets you play god

Gaming buffs must be aware of The Sims created by Will Wright, taking his knack of developing realistic games such as dating, working and raising children to another level, he has now developed The Spore. With this new game, users can play god and practically has all the power in his hands; the entire game is user created. Players start as microscopic life forms competing for survival in primordial ooze and work their way onto land, where they evolve into creatures that build civilizations and rocket into space.

"It is still probably the most interesting question for scientists and five-year-olds: What is life?" says Wright. "It starts out as single-cell organisms and then you are eventually flying around the galaxy exploring new worlds, meeting other creatures and creating federations." Inspired by his passion for biology, learning, science, and science fiction; Wright used his expertise to develop this game. Players get complete control over how their animated characters evolve; Creatures can have scales, fins, wings, claws, extra appendages, additional eyes, or body parts in unexpected places.

The AI (artificial intelligence) that each character gains is related to its features. For example a character with fangs will be more hostile that one with grazing teeth. The Spore comes to US and European markets in September.

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